İlan Tarihi

We are looking for "Customer Services Representatives" for our client in the health tourism sector.


  • University graduate (preferably graduated from tourism related departments)
  • year sales experience (preferably in the health tourism sector)
  • Fluent in English, French, Russian, Persian and/or Arabic languages
  • To have at least one of the following foreign language documents
  • To get at least 65 out of 100 in the foreign language proficiency test conducted by OSYM or to have an internationally valid document accepted by OSYM as equivalent to this score.
  • To have a document showing the B2 language level in the European language portfolio
  • Document showing the B2 language level in the European Language Portfolio in Turkish for those with dual citizenship identity.
  • To have a certificate of graduation from the Department of Translation and Interpretation at the undergraduate level
  • Proficient in Office programs
  • Strong communication skills, persuasive, customer oriented
  • Good with teamwork, highly motivated, dynamic, disciplined
  • Confident in selling
  • Able to adapt to flexible working hours
  • For male candidates who have completed or postponed their military service
  • Residing in Istanbul 


  • Handling incoming client enquiries from abroad in line with their health-related needs, directing them to the relevant consultant and ensuring coordination between the hospital and the customer
  • Motivating and persuading customers in the process of deciding whether or not to receive service
  • Reaching an agreement with the customer about the products and services to be used
  • Following the customer's satisfaction and answering questions by continuing to stay in touch with the customer after using the product or service
  • Conducting face-to-face meetings with customers in our offices when necessary


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